When you’re hiring a dozer you want to make sure you get the best possible bang for your buck. To do that, you may need some accessories. Here’s a rundown of the five essential bulldozer accessories you should consider in order to make the most out of your dozer…


As accessories go, rippers are the most easily recognised and the most frequently used. Ideal for dragging out rocks and breaking up hard ground, the ripper attaches to the back of your bulldozer and is shaped like a large claw.

Rippers are available in single or multiple shanks. A single shank, or giant ripper, is perfect for shifting and tearing heavy material. The shank of the ripper is tipped with a ‘boot’, a steel alloy tungsten that can be replaced as it gets worn.

A ripper is perfect for projects working on rocky ground and pavement. The ripper will break all the surface material into manageable chunks of rubble, which can be easily transported and are not as difficult to handle. They’re necessary for removing all the material that needs shifting in order to make grading possible.

“Rippers are the perfect accessory for a bulldozer used in agricultural work, as they easily break apart even the hardest, rockiest earth. With a ripper at your disposal, you can ensure all your land is ploughable.”

Louis Gibbings, Director @ Red Bull Equipment

We have several rippers available for use with your bulldozer, including models for Komatsu, Caterpillar and Volvo dozers.


Slightly less common than the ripper, but every inch as invaluable is the stumpbuster. This is a single spike attached horizontally to your dozer, used to split tree stumps. It attaches to the rear of your bulldozer and can be raised when not in use, ensuring it’s out of the way as much as possible.

Stumbusters can also be used for land clearing, and frequently have a brush-rake style blade.


Winches can be easily attached to a bulldozer at the back and used to move large, cumbersome and heavy objects, including rubble and felled trees. They’re especially useful for lifting and pulling, and can shift an impressive amount. We have a Caterpillar winch available that fits several different models.


From a safety perspective, the most important accessory to use is a window protection screen. They’re very simple but exceedingly useful contraptions that fit comfortably over the window of your dozer. This ensures the window doesn’t break in the event debris or material impacts it, making your driver safer and minimising any potential damage to your dozer.

We have a wide selection of window protection screens available, suitable for Caterpillar dozers.


If you’re looking for bulldozer accessories and you’re unsure what’s best for your project, get in touch. We’re happy to discuss your bespoke needs and find you the perfect solution.

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