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We use Topcon guidance systems in many of the models available for dozer hire, which means, regardless of user experience, you can do a great job every time.

Depending on the model for hire, we integrate either a 2D laser system or 3D gps system. The result is reduced operation times and more accurate operations. You can find out more on our Intelligent Machine Control page here:

Why use Intelligent Machine Control (IMC)?

The fully automatic modes made possible by our Topcon systems make dozer operations greatly faster and more efficient. That means a shorter operation time for your project, helping you meet even tight project deadlines.

Not got a skilled dozer operator on the team? No problem – Intelligent Machine Control means complex excavations can be completed by drivers of any skill level.

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Compare 2D and 3D

2D Intelligent Machine Control
Works on:
Flat Planes and slopes
Exsternal Point of reference
Sensing Tech:
Slope, roation, sonic, laser
less expensive than 3d
No Additional
works well when:
Job Conditions and applications rarely change
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3D Intelligent Machine Control
Works on:
Planes, slopes, contors & complex curves
Internal Point of refrance
Sensing Tech:
2d sensors + Gps/gnss or universal total station
more expensive than 2d
requires additional
works well when:
Job Conditions and applicationsare always changing
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How does Intelligent Machine
Control (IMC) work?

The seamless process behind 3D laser bulldozer control

The process begins by uploading a computer-aided design (CAD) file to the Topcon laser system controller in the bulldozer’s cab. Outside the dozer, a point-of-reference base station is established to calculate the bulldozer’s hieght and position.

The system will then compare the actual blade position, the slope and the uploaded design – contantly making corrections to send to the machine’s hydraulics. Those computations guide the changes your dozer makes to its blade’s elevation and cross-slope.

But it’s not all left to the computer. The cab-based operator sees an overview of the design surfaces, alignments, grades & GNSS status via the in-cab monitor. That information enables the operator to decide where to drive and how much material still requires shifting.
To switch between automatic and manual modes, there’s a simple push-button on the blade control lever.

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