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80 HP +
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Your compact track loader just got a whole lot more valuable. The new and improved 3250SS is the second generation of skid steer scrapers from Ashland Industries. We increased the width of cut from 72″ from the earlier model to 81.5″. This makes it perfect fit for the larger CTL on the market today. We improved numerous features on this new machine. Greater clearance between the bowl and the leveling blade. Plastic apron guide reduces premature wear on the mainframe. See-thru headache rake built into the scraper bowl. No matter what your site demands, the 3250SS can cut, carry, and dump up to 3.25 cu. yds. while the integrated leveling blade handles final grading in a single pass.

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The 3250SS scraper retains all the functions of a full-sized scraper, while taking advantage of the maneuverability of a skid steer. The entire bowl moves within the mainframe by means of a heavy-duty actuating frame and linkage system. Allowing the operator complete blade control with one hydraulic remote. To top it all off, there is now a spring assembly ‘hose saver’ to keep your hydraulic connection hoses away from the skid steer.

Attachment Plate:

The universal mount skid steer plate will have no problem attaching to your power unit. The design is simple and with articulation of the guide pipe, operators will be in complete control. All the convenience of a plug-and-play setup.


The bowl is formed from high grade steel with a top lip to help reduce boil-over. Performing the whole process of cut, carry, and dump, this bowl is built to last. Engineered for grading, stripping sod, cleaning ditches, and landscape projects.


All Ashland frames consist of an amalgamation of plate steel and tubing. Our small-sized units have added heft where it’s needed most and thrown on a standard leveling blade for finish work. Pivoting off of one point on the front end, this scraper will drive through everything. With a newly designed bolt-together frame, this machine is not only modular but has increased rigidity.


Ashland not only increased the thickness of steel but improved the yield strength by nearly 30%. Making this machine just as durable as the rest of the Ashland line. Including our bolt-on style blades for ease of maintenance. You can put this scraper in the toughest conditions and be confident doing so year after year.

Wheel System:

With the capacity of a small wheel loader, the 3250SS transforms your skid steer into a mass mover. Standard 11L x 15 tires, heavy duty spindles, and high capacity 6-bolt hubs allow you to smoothly carry loads at speed over greater distance. The wheel assembly is like non-other on the market.


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