Bulldozers for hire in the UK with 2D laser packages

We use the Topcon 2D system with many of our Komatsu bulldozers for hire. Using an external point of reference (stringlingr, curb or laser) in conjunction with the plug-and-play system, you can enjoy professional quality grading accuracy without an experienced driver.


The fully automatic modes made possible by our 2D Topcon laser systems make dozer operations greatly faster and more efficient. That can reduce your operation time by reducing the number of passes required, saving you on fuel, costs and valuable project time.

Team doesn’t include a skilled dozer operator? No problem – our 2D Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) means complex excavations can be completed by drivers of any skill level.

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How does a 2D Grade Control System work?

Whilst more basic than a 3D control system, a 2D system still provides great value – particularly when your operation lacks a skilled dozer operator. A 2D system is expected to produce accuracies of <10mm pre-compaction (depending on the material).

Unlike the fully automated 3D system, a 2D system requires an external point of reference. One or more of the available sensing technologies (slope, rotation, sonic or laser) are then used to guide the lift, tilt and slope of the blade. The exact nature of the system used can vary from project to project, so it’s always best to speak with the experts before you choose your machine.

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Features & Benefits

Fast, accurate performance maximizes productivity.

Simple, easy-to-use operator interface means it will be easily accepted by the team.

Wide compatability across a range of bulldozers and equipment.

Reliability designed in, with tough, rugged components and cables.

Requires less infrastructure than the 3D systems (surveyors, design managers etc.)

Compare to the 3D Guidence

An introduction to Topcon 2D systems

We stock the Komatsu D61PXI range, with 2D laser systems available from Topcon – who are internationally recognised for their quality and robustness. Here’s a short video introducing their systems (2D & 3D)

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