Bulldozers for UK self-drive hire with 3D GPS integrated

Experience unrivaled efficiency, accuracy and speed with the benefit of a 3D GPS grading system – ready integrated into our high-quality bulldozer hire range. Save time, money and fuel on every job – even complex curves and contours.


Red Bull offer a range of Komatsu bulldozers fitted with 3D GPS systems. Our Finish Grade Performance Enhanced Sensor package combined with intelligent logic combines to ensure an incredibly accurate grading with <20mm accuracy pre-compaction for most materials, without traditional blade-mounted sensors.

Using a 3D system can drastically change the role your dozer plats on a typical job site, in some cases even replacing the need for a motor grader. Speed will increase as much of the tweaking usually required to be handled manually becomes automatic.

More than that, the increased accuracy means fewer passes are required – reducing time, fuel and wear-and-tear costs. Check out our range for hire

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How does a 3D integrated system work?

First, a CAD (computer-aided design) file is uploaded to the Topcon 3D system controller, located in the bulldozer’s cab. This forms the internal point of reference, avoiding the need for an external stringline or laser.

Outside the dozer, a point-of-reference base station is established to calculate the bulldozer’s hieght and position.

The system then compares the blade position, the uploaded design and the features of the slope – making small corrections and adjusting the hydraulics. Those computations do all the work; adjusting your dozer’s blade elevation and cross-slope only when necessary.

But the Topcon 3D GPS system doesn’t just rely on the computer. The operator – based in the cab – sees an overview of the alignments, design surfaces, grades & GNSS status via the monitor. He can decide where to drive and how much is left to do.

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Here are just a few of the advantages to hiring one of our bulldozers with 3D Intelligent Machine Control

Fine grading at higher speeds (not first gear!)

No blade-mounted sensors

Clear, easy user interface

Rugged housing design

No requirement for expert driver or experienced 3D system user

Compare to the 3D Guidence

The innovative solutions and committed support from Topcon are all you need to build the future with confidence.

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